Frequently Asked Questions

About Bromptons:
  • 1. What’s the difference between the A Line, C Line, P Line, and T Line?

    The key difference is weight due to their frame materials. The A & C Lines uses steel frames, the P Line is a mix of steel and titanium, while the T Line has a full titanium frame. Titanium being lighter than steel means that the P Line and T Line are lighter than the classic A & C Line Brompton.

  • 2. What’s the weight of the A Line, C Line, P Line, and T Line?

    A Line: 11.5 kg; C Line: 11.8–12.2 kg; P Line: ~10 kg; T Line: ~8 kg

  • 3. Can a Brompton bicycle be rolled?

    Brompton are designed for mobility and can be tilted and rolled by default with their two attached wheels. For greater ease of rolling, you can install the optional "roller rack" which adds two additional wheels thereby giving you the convenience of rolling the bicycle on four wheels like a luggage. Do note however, that this roller rack adds an additional ~0.6 kg of weight to your Brompton (~0.3 kg for the P Line).

  • 4. I am 1.xx metres tall. What’s the recommended handlebar choice for my height?

    While the Mid bar, Low (a.k.a. Straight) bar, and High bar generally suit people of average height, below average, and above average height respectively, your height alone does not dictate the most suitable handlebar for you because it all depends on the ride feel you want. Each handlebar configuration differs by a steering height of a mere 2 inches (~5 cm), but this little difference can significantly alter the ride feel. It’s not always the case that a taller person should use an M or H handlebar, as is the case in this video where the taller rider is using an S bar whereas the other cyclist is riding with an M bar. The S bar gives a sportier, road bike feel whereas the M or H bar offers more upright comfort. Your style of riding, your height, your sense of adventure — all play a role in your choice of handlebar.

  • 5. What is the most popular handlebar type?

    The classic Mid (M) handlebar.

  • 6. Is the handlebar height adjustable? / Can I DIY change the handlebar?

    The Brompton handlebar is fixed in height. However, it is possible to change the handlebar, subject to labour and parts cost at Brompton Junction or other authorized dealers. For safety, please do not attempt to modify the bike on your own, or with an unauthorized mechanic. Do note that self modification and unauthorized modification voids the warranty.

  • 7. Is rusting/corrosion a concern?

    Bromptons are extremely durable and rusting/corrosion does not commonly occur. For two reasons:
    1. Bromptons are powder coated which is harder wearing than normal paint and better protects the metal from corrosion (also gives it a more pristine finish).
    2. Brompton uses chromoly steel, which is a higher grade of steel that is more resistant to rust and corrosion.

    Nonetheless, all metals are not immune to rusting but with proper care, maintenance, and storage, your Brompton can last several decades if not a lifetime (read what others say here, and here). Here are some tips to prevent rusting:
    1. Fix paint chips or deep scratches without delay because if metal is exposed to air and moisture it begins to rust.
    2. After a rainy day, wipe down your bike with a damp cloth to clean it from acid in rainwater.
    3. Store your bike in a clean and dry environment away from sunlight.

  • 8. What is the maximum weight limit?

    110kg, including bags.

  • 9. Can it go into the MRT?

    Yes, Bromptons are allowed on trains and buses in Singapore, and they even fit in a standard supermarket trolley as pictured below.
    Brompton in a Singapore MRT
    Brompton in a supermarket cart in Singapore

  • 10. Can it fit into a car boot?

    It would fit in a car boot, probably with certain exceptions like a Ferrari. In fact, it’s not uncommon to be able to fit two or three Bromptons in a car boot. Such is the brilliance of a Brompton!

  • 11. How long does it take to fold or unfold a Brompton?

    The Brompton has earned its place as, arguably the best folding bicycle for good reason. It’s incredibly easy to fold, and it folds up better than other folding bikes (smaller, smoother, easier). Brompton owners, on average, take less than fifteen seconds to fold or unfold their bicycle. Sub ten is not uncommon; whereas five seconds gets you close to setting a world record.

  • 12. How fast is a Brompton?

    Based on a recreational/utility cycling cadence (the no. of revolutions your pedals make per minute as you ride) of 70 rpm, the top speed of a 3-/4-speed Brompton (A Line / C Line Utility / P Line) is about 30 km/h, and 38 km/h for the 6-speed Brompton.

  • 13. I’m very particular about the weight. What would be your advice for the upgrades to reduce the weight?

    It is our opinion that there are no worthwhile mods to materially reduce the weight of a Brompton. Sure, you can swap out certain accessories like the saddle or pedals to shave some grams off, but we do not recommend any aftermarket parts for weight reduction. If you need a really light bike, consider a P Line (10 kg) or a T Line (8 kg).

  • 14. But I saw on YouTube that someone modded a Brompton and was able to bring it down to 8.5kg?

    We advise against modifying your Brompton. Aftermarket parts may look and feel like an identical and lighter replacement, but closer examinations often reveal dimensions that deviate from original part designs, which, while minute, can affect ride feel and performance and compromise safety. The original Brompton parts are manufactured to incredibly fine tolerances that typically do not deviate more than one-tenth of a millimetre (10x more precise than most other bikes!). This hairlike manufacturing precision is the reason why a Brompton rides so smoothly, and also why a Brompton feels like a bicycle than a folding bicycle. Conversely, imprecision in aftermarket parts can negatively affect ride feel and safety. Think about it... Brompton took more than a decade to recreate a model that is 2 kg lighter than the original. Ten years is a long time for a 2-kg saving. We suppose Brompton did not want to rush into a lighter bike at the expense of quality and safety so plenty of real world stress testing must have been conducted during these years. If it were so easy to shave some weight off overnight by purchasing titanium components from a Chinese factory, we suppose Brompton would have done so a long time ago. Titanium is not novel per se, and is actually a fairly abundant metal. The reason it’s rare (and expensive) to find quality titanium parts and bikes is it’s not easy to machine titanium at scale while maintaining an extremely low manufacturing tolerance.

  • 15. How about replacing the seatpost to a titanium one?

    We advise against that too. While a seatpost is a simple metal tube, tiny variations in dimension can cause unfortunate seatpost slippage or damage the seat tube. The last thing you’d want is one that does not hold its position and slips which often happens with aftermarket parts. The original Brompton seatposts are precisely designed and manufactured to prevent that.

  • 16. Is it easy for a Brompton to climb uphill?

    Bromptons are designed to go up hilly areas pretty well. When it comes to bicycle science, one important attribute that determines how easy or difficult your bike climbs a hill is the size of the crankset. The smaller the crankset, the easier it is. However a smaller crankset would mean a lower top speed. That’s the tradeoff. Conversely, a larger crankset would give you a higher top speed, but comes with more climbing difficulty. Most Bromptons by default, comes with the middle of the road crankset size, i.e. 50 teeth, that is well balanced between climbing and speeding. You can change it to 44 teeth (for even better climb), or even 54 teeth (for even higher speed).

  • 17. How does the Brompton 6-speed shifting work?

    Shifting through six speeds requires both hands. The left-hand shifter is a (-/+) shifter for the derailleur, whereas the right-hand shifter is the (1/2/3) shifter for the internal hub. Here’s a quick table on how to operate them:

    Left shifter (-/+) for derailleurRight shifter (1/2/3) for internal hub
    Speed 1-1
    Speed 2+1
    Speed 3-2
    Speed 4+2
    Speed 5-3
    Speed 6+3

    ⚠️ It is important to stop pedalling when operating the right shifter to avoid possible internal hub damage.

    💡 When it comes to choosing a Brompton, more gears isn’t always better. The 6-speed Brompton requires shifting with both hands as shown above. Most people don’t actually need a 6-speed; therefore it is a good idea to consider the 3- or 4-speed Brompton which gives a fairly good range yet does not require both hands to shift.

About Orders:
  • 1. Why are your prices lower than retail?

    Because we do not have overheads such as store rent, store staffing, we are able to pass down the savings to you.

  • 2. I see a bicycle that is “In Stock”. How do I make an immediate purchase? Do I have to place a deposit?

    First, click the “Buy Now” button to send us a message. Upon order confirmation, the bike will be reserved and set aside for your collection at 3 Lorong 5 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319459. If you are looking to pick up the bicycle within 1½ hours from order confirmation, no deposit for reservation is required; the full payment is due upon collection. Otherwise, a deposit of $100 to $200 is required depending on the purchase price, which can be made by way of PayNow or local bank transfer.

    Collections run from 10am–10pm daily, and an appointment is required. Should you wish to collect your bicycle outside of these hours, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate.

  • 3. Where is the collection?

    Collections are at 3 Lorong 5 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319459, by appointment from 10am–10pm daily. Free parking is available on site. It is also a short walk from Braddell MRT. Should you wish to collect your bicycle outside of these hours, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate.

  • 4. What does “In Stock Soon” mean?

    If you see this phrase, then it means the item is currently out of stock, but is expected to be back in stock within 7 working days. However, it is available for reservation which guarantees you the availability of the bicycle when it is back in stock.

  • 5. How do I make a reservation?

    To reserve a bicycle, a deposit of $100 to $200 (depending on the bicycle price) is required, and can be made by way of PayNow or local bank transfer. The balance shall be payable upon collection of the bicycle.

  • 6. What modes of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash (including PayNow) and major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro, and JCB. Please note that a 3+% price adjustment apply for credit card payments. Instalment option (3-, 6-, or 12-month instalment) is also available. We seek your understanding that we are unable to absorb these credit card costs as our products are already priced very competitively, and we have never priced our products in such a way that we can offer “discounts” against initially inflated prices.

  • 7. Are prices negotiable? Can I get a discount?

    We work hard to reduce costs and cut time wasting, and we pass the benefits of this low-cost structure along to our customers, thereby offering our products at market competitive prices. We seek your understanding that we are unable to provide further discounts as we have never priced our products in such a way that we can offer “discounts” against initially inflated prices.

  • 8. How does instalment work?

    Our Instalment (Buy Now, Pay Later) scheme works with a credit or debit card. You’ll need to download and install the Atome or LatitudePay app if you haven’t already, then link your credit/debit card to it. To make payment, a QR code will be sent to you. The purchase price will be split into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments. Please refer to the Atome Service Terms or LatitudePay Pay Later Service Terms.

    Do note that a 4+% price adjustment apply.

    Aside: Our selling principle is that we don’t seek to earn a dime from the credit card or finance fees charged (this is the business of financial institutions, not us). These fees are charged by the card processor or finance provider. We seek your understanding that we are unable to absorb these costs as we our products are priced competitively and we have never priced our products in such a way that we can offer “discounts” against initially inflated prices.

  • 9. How can I be sure if this is an authentic Brompton?

    There is a serial number found on the back of every Brompton. To authenticate and register the bike, you will input this serial number at Upon submission, a unique 6-digit frame number, which acts as a security code, will be revealed. The same code can be found embossed on the bike. For your peace of mind, we will guide you through this authentication and registration process before purchasing it. All our products are 100% brand new and authentic, and can be registered under your name and email for international warranty upon purchase. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our buyers say.

  • 10. Is there warranty coverage?

    Yes, upon registration, your Brompton purchase will be covered by a 7-year unlimited mileage warranty for the main frame components; other non-wearing parts on your bicycle (crank arms, brake calipers, mudguards, etc.) are covered by a 2-year warranty. Within the warranty period, your bike will be supported by the free issue of parts from the Brompton factory, however the Brompton distributor or dealer in town (e.g. Brompton Junction Singapore) will normally charge for the labour required to undertake warranty repairs, and for any import duty levied on the free-issued parts. Please refer to the Warranty Terms & Conditions in the user manual.

    It is important to note that for warranty to be valid, the bike must not have been subject to any modification, repair or replacement other than as authorised by Brompton, and must have been serviced by an authorised Brompton Dealer (e.g. Brompton Junction Singapore).

  • 11. Does it come in a box?

    Yes, every bicycle comes in its original box.

  • 12. Does it comes with a front block?

    No, it does not. Please see a detailed answer in the next question below.

  • 13. What is included in the box? What comes with the bicycle?

    What’s in the box are: Bicycle (of course), Owner’s manual, Saddle height insert. The bicycle comes as spec’ed on the Brompton website (e.g., except for the Front carrier block, battery lightings, and rack. Please note that all bicycles do not come with a Front carrier block, battery lightings, and rack, unless otherwise stated on our website as these accessories are online specs and are not the standard base specs.

  • 14. Out of the box, is the bike set up and ready to go? Is there any assembly required?

    According to Brompton, all bicycles go through stringent quality testing procedures by its Brompton Quality team in London. After opening the box, you will have to install the saddle (seat) and in some cases, the pedals and lighting reflectors. We will be able to perform the assembly for you and give you a demonstration on the proper usage of the folding mechanism. You will then be given the opportunity to do a brisk test ride in a safe location. Do note however that the bicycle must be inspected by a qualified mechanic before first use.

  • 15. Do I need to tune the bicycle?

    Yes, because all new bicycles will go through a “bedding in” period as new components settle into your riding style. At this stage, it’s not uncommon for them to need a little adjustment to help keep everything running smoothly. Brompton recommends having the bicycle checked by a qualified mechanic after the first 160 km (approx 8 hours at normal cycling speed) or 1-month (whichever comes sooner) as some items take time to bed in and may need adjusting to avoid damage.

  • 16. Do you do trade-ins?

    Sorry, we do not offer trade-ins.

About The Bike Snob:
  • 1. Do you have a retail shop?

    No, we do not operate a retail shop. To keep costs low and pass down the savings to you, we operate from a warehouse and a central collection point at 3 Lorong 5 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319459. Free parking is available on site, and it is a short walk from Braddell MRT. Collections typically run from 10am to 10pm, Mondays through Sundays (excluding certain public holidays) by appointment. Viewing is also available by appointment with no obligation to purchase.

  • 2. Are you an authorised dealer?

    We are a third party seller and stockist. Our bicycles are generally procured from UK & Europe and can be registered for international warranty upon purchase. While we do not operate a fancy retail showroom, we’ll never compromise the customer experience. We provide efficient, professional and personable experience for our customers — new or experienced — so that they can make the right decision and choose the right bicycle. We invite you to read reviews of what buyers say about us.

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The buying experience was smooth and very pleasant. Keith took time to go over pertinent details and ensure that my expectation was aligned. He gave me a chance to view both P-Line colours to facilitate my decision making. He also allowed me to check through the bike thoroughly before we proceeded with warranty verification, payment and subsequently warranty registration. Thank you! - Aiman

Great experience dealing with Keith, he’s keen with replies, comprehensive and knowledgeable. Certainly a trustworthy Brompton seller and I highly recommend buying your bike through him.

Bike is 100% authentic as verified online! He went through the registration part online with me and gave many useful tips on folding the B! Seller even let me try riding on his sample piece... Great deal! Trusted seller 👍

Excellent, prompt and efficient transaction! Seller was very professional in his presentation and explanations were clear and concise. This was a good deal indeed! Strongly recommended with thanks!

@bugzie – A Line buyer,

Goes into the details and explains properly on the purchase. Thank you! A recommended seller. Definitely will recommend others.

@alisha260202 – C Line Black Edition Flame Lacquer buyer,

Thanks Keith! For explaining and showing us how to fold/use/maintain the bike! Very friendly and knowledgeable, looking forward to getting another one from you 😁

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