C Line Utility Cloud Blue

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Color: Cloud Blue

Weight: 11.8 kg

Handlebar type: Mid (M)

How many “speeds”: 3

Mudguards: Included

Rack: Not included

Chainring size: 50T


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BNIB (Brand New In Box) Brompton C Line Utility (i.e. 3 Speed) | Cloud Blue *IN STOCK*


Allow us to make a confession.

At The Bike Snob, we are huge proponents of the 3 Speed Brompton over the 6 Speed because of how simple, low maintenance, and less fiddly they are compared to the latter. What do we mean by fiddly? You see, the 6 Speed Brompton doesn't go from speed 1 to 6 in a single shifter. Instead, there are two shifters; one of the left of the handlebar, and another on the right. On the left you'll see "–"and "+", while on the right you'll see "1", "2", and "3". So how do the 6 speeds work or add up? It goes like this, and I would like you to imagine:

Speed 1: Set the left shifter to "–", and the right shifter to "1"
Speed 2: Flick the left shifter to "+", and leave the right shifter alone
Speed 3: Flick the left shifter back to "–", and the right shifter to "2"
Speed 4: Flick the left shifter to "+", and leave the right shifter alone
Speed 5: Flick the left shifter back to "–", and the right shifter to "3"
Speed 6: Flick the left shifter to "+", and leave the right shifter alone

Notice that Speed 3 and Speed 5 requires fiddling both shifters, i.e. you'll need both hands at work. In contrast, the three speed Brompton works simply like how you would expect:

Speed 1: Set the shifter to "1"
Speed 2: Set the shifter to "2"
Speed 3: Set the shifter to "3"

Clean and simple. Without any fiddling.

Unfortunately, Brompton killed the 3 Speed in 2023. Why did they do it? We think it's due to commercial reasons. In his 2022 book, Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams identified that "people like to have more gears on their bikes; if there is a five-speed and a three-speed version, the five-speed will sell better." More gears give a psychologically better feeling for the uninitiated buyer, hence the six speed outsold the three. Capitalising on this, Brompton produced more of what customers wanted and shifted its focus to the 6 Speed, but it may not always be better. Like it or not, that's how capitalism and consumerism works. More isn’t always better, whether you’re talking gears in a bike or megapixels in a camera because there are tradeoffs. In our opinion, the 3 Speed remains the ideal and optimum choice for discerning Brompton owners.

This is probably the last batch of three speed Bromptons in the market that we can get ahold of, so Hurry, BUY NOW WHILE IT IS STILL AVAILABLE!

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The buying experience was smooth and very pleasant. Keith took time to go over pertinent details and ensure that my expectation was aligned. He gave me a chance to view both P-Line colours to facilitate my decision making. He also allowed me to check through the bike thoroughly before we proceeded with warranty verification, payment and subsequently warranty registration. Thank you! - Aiman

Great experience dealing with Keith, he’s keen with replies, comprehensive and knowledgeable. Certainly a trustworthy Brompton seller and I highly recommend buying your bike through him.

Bike is 100% authentic as verified online! He went through the registration part online with me and gave many useful tips on folding the B! Seller even let me try riding on his sample piece... Great deal! Trusted seller 👍

Excellent, prompt and efficient transaction! Seller was very professional in his presentation and explanations were clear and concise. This was a good deal indeed! Strongly recommended with thanks!

@bugzie – A Line buyer,

Goes into the details and explains properly on the purchase. Thank you! A recommended seller. Definitely will recommend others.

@alisha260202 – C Line Black Edition Flame Lacquer buyer,

Thanks Keith! For explaining and showing us how to fold/use/maintain the bike! Very friendly and knowledgeable, looking forward to getting another one from you 😁

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