A Line Papyrus White

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Color: Papyrus White

Weight: 11.5 kg

Handlebar type: Mid (M)

How many “speeds”: 3

Mudguards: Not included

Rack: Not included

Chainring size: 44T


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This New 2023 Brompton A Line comes in a new, classy shade of white called "Papyrus White" that is best described as pearl white.

* Admire this white beauty! Minimalist, beautiful, and eye-catching. White easily matches any dress color, is gender neutral, making this a perfect bike to share with your family and loved one. Anyone will look neat and sleek with the A Line 😎

* 3-Speed, i.e. the most reliable Brompton type. When it comes to choosing between 3- or 6-speed, more isn't always better. 3-Speed is the most reliable and versatile Brompton type—that's not coming from me; Brompton says it—because it uses the venerable Sturmey Archer hub. All the gears are enclosed in this hub enclosure, which means gear cogs are protected from rain, dirt, dust, etc. 3-Speed Sturmey Archer hub is virtually bomb-proof!

* Get the same authentic Brompton feel without spending a bomb! The A Line and C Line has the exact same body. The very minor differences between the A Line and C Line doesn't change or break that long-standing Brompton ride feel.

* 100% Authentic & Brand New in box - Unopened. 100% Unused. Register on with the serial number on the bike to enjoy 5 +additional 2 years warranty. I will show you how and do it with you on the spot so you can be assured you are getting an Authentic piece.

  • 1. Is the A Line an “entry-level” Brompton?

    Not in our opinion. See, Bromptons aren’t like cars such as the BMW that come in various models such as the 3-series, 5-series, and 7-series, where each has a radically different form and functionality. Bromptons are straightforward in this regard because they are rather homogeneous in overall appearance. Every Brompton measures the same, every Brompton has the same sized wheels, and every Brompton folds to the same size.

    The key difference between the various Brompton models is in their weight, due to different metal composition. The frames of the A & C Line are made of steel; for the P Line a mix of steel and titanium, and titanium for the T Line. Titanium is lighter than steel. As a result, the A & C Line weighs ~12kg, the P Line at ~10kg, and the T Line at ~8kg.

    The most defining part of a Brompton then is its frame, which is the soul and signature of the Brompton. This long standing body design has only seen little changes since 1965! It’s also the most valuable component because every frame is hand brazen to perfection. Whether it’s an A Line or a C Line, the frame is 100% the same across them. Yes, there are gearing options and accessory/component differences, but for the most part, they can be swapped out, replaced, or upgraded.

    So to me, the A Line is marketed as “entry level” largely for marketing’s sake and as a wise strategy for price differentiation. There’s nothing that fundamentally makes the A Line “entry level” vis-a-vis other Brompton models in performance or form. The A Line is a great and savvy buy because it delivers that same Brompton ride feel at a more accessible price.

  • 2. Tell me more differences between an A Line and a (3-speed) C Line?

    It is mentioned earlier that the A Line and C Line have the 100% identical body. What's different are what I would call "non significant" component differences... i.e. the component, or lack thereof, doesn't contribute to a significantly better look or ride feel. I list the differences below. For the most part, you can purchase these components from Brompton and upgrade your A Line to the likes of a C Line — while still saving plenty of money! (I can recommend a qualified bike tech to do it for you to save you some money.)

    Here are the main differences -- A Line vs. C Line:
    ✳ A Line does not have a front mudguard (but it can be purchased from Brompton Junction SG at S$30)
    ✳ A Line does not have a rear mudguard (but it can be purchased from Brompton Junction SG also at S$30)
    ✳ A Line does not come with a folding pedal (I have a huge beef with this! Why Brompton, why did you create the world's most compact bicycle, only to have a non folding pedal in this model that sticks out like a sore thumb?!?! ☹ Well fortunately, you can replace it with a Brompton folding pedal for ~$50 and still enjoy big savings compared to a C Line)
    ✳ A Line does not come with a front carrier block (the Brompton front carrier block is a plastic attachment that allows you to clip a compatible bag onto it. This can be purchased at ~S$35)
    ✳ A Line comes with a pre-2017 handlebar and stem. Granted, 2018 Bromptons come with a "newer" handlebar and stem, but to me, it's not a significant upgrade. It's almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Bromptons have been around for decades and have evolved only very slightly. Whether it's a pre-2017 Brompton, or a post-2017 Brompton, it looks and rides like any modern Brompton. I wouldn't fuss about this.
    ✳ A Line uses pre-2017 shifter and brake levers. Again, I wouldn't fuss. Whether it's a pre-2017 or post-2017 shifter, one thing’s for sure: Brompton doesn't cheap out on its components. They are still better designed than most run of the mill bikes.
    ✳ C Line uses the "Pentaclip" saddle connector to allow for a more granular saddle adjustment. My butt doesn’t feel the difference. You can, however purchase it for ~S$70 to upgrade.

    In short, you get more bang for bucks with an A Line. You would save over $657 with an A Line without sacrificing the Brompton feel.

  • 3. Why is Brompton Junction Singapore not selling the A Line?

    I don't know, and I have been asking this question. Staffs at Brompton Junction don't have a clue too. So my hunch is... with Singapore having a reputation of being a very affluent country, sitting among the top in the world in terms of GDP per capita... most Westerners bear the image of Singaporeans living in tall, glitzy buildings like The Sail @ Marina Bay... so it makes perfect sense to market the higher-priced lines to the Singapore market. There's probably no strong impetus for the store to carry the A Line, especially when current Brompton stocks are already flying off the shelves. But wait, all Singaporeans are not crazy rich Asians! If you're a crazy rich Asian who can shop indiscriminately, skip this and buy a P or T-Line. If you're like the rest of us who demand value for money, grab this now before it’s sold out everywhere. Hurry, message me now!

  • 4. How can I be sure if this is a real Brompton?

    There is a serial number found on the back of every Brompton. You will register the bike on

    by entering this 10-digit serial number. Upon registration, Brompton will disclose a unique frame number. You will confirm that this matches the frame number embossed on the bike. This frame number is metal embossed (i.e. hammered in) on the frame so you can be assured of the authenticity of the bike because the frame number is a unique security code. You will unbox and register on the spot upon purchase.

  • 5. What is the "model code" of the A Line?


  • 6. What does M3E mean?

    Before Brompton undertook some rebranding of its bikes in 2022 using labels such as "Explore," "Utility," and "Urban", all models consist of three alphanumeric codes like M3E, M3L, M6L, M6R, H3L, H6L, etc. The first letter tells you the handlebar type (S=sporty/low handlebar, M=mid handlebar, i.e. conventional, H = high handlebar, i.e. upright riding posture), the second number refers to the number of gear speed (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 6), and the third refers to whether or not the bike has mudguards / rack (E= no mudguards or rack, L = mudguards, R = mudguards and rear rack). So, take for example, M6R = mid handlebar with six speed and mudguards+rack, whereas M3L = mid handlebar with three-speed and mudguards with no rack). These model codes are still in use today, however they are not used for general marketing.

  • 7. Do you have other colours for this model?

    The A Line comes in white only, and only in 3-speed. The B75 model, which is the predecessor of the A Line, is in water blue colour.

  • 8. What is the difference between the B75 and the A Line?

    The A Line is the successor of the B75. Same specs, however the A Line comes with an attached bicycle pump inconspicuously mounted on the bike.

  • 9. Can mudguards and rack be added? How does it look with mudguards and rack?

    Yes, mudguards and rack can be purchased and installed separately at Brompton Junction. There are two official Brompton racks which can be obtained and installed at Brompton Junction at these prices: Silver Rack: $244 (+$50 for installation) | Black Rack: $242 (+$50 for installation). See last pictures of this listing for a sample A Line bike fitted with black colored mudguards and black colored rack.

  • 10. Can the A Line be pushed?

    Matter of fact, the A Line and all Bromptons can be lifted and pushed with the two attached wheels. If you mean dragging it like a luggage, you'll have to separately install what is known as a "rack" which gives two additional wheels, allowing you to roll it around on four wheels.

  • 11. Is the handlebar for A line adjustable?

    It is not adjustable. Matter of fact, all Brompton handlebars are not adjustable. All Brompton handlebars are fixed in the sense that you choose the handlebar type of the Brompton you want: low (S), mid (M), or high (H), each varying by a height of ~2.5 inches. The A Line comes in mid handlebar type only, which is suitable for most riders and is also the favorite for most riders.

  • 12. Can I change the handlebar at a later time?

    Yes, it is possible to change the handlebar, subject to labour and parts cost at Brompton Junction. For safety, please do not attempt to modify the bike on your own, or with an unauthorized mechanic. Do note that self modification and unauthorized modification voids the warranty.

  • 13. Does it come with a tire pump?

    Good news, the A Line comes with an attached pump for convenience.

  • 14. What is the weight of the A Line?

    11.5 kg

  • 15. Can it go into the MRT?

    Yes, it is allowed on trains and buses, and it even fits in a supermarket trolley. See the last two pictures of this post.

  • 16. Can it fit into any car boot?

    It would fit in most car boots, with some exceptions such as a Lamborghini. In fact, it's not uncommon to be able to fit two Bromptons in a car boot! Such is the brilliance of a Brompton.

  • 17. What is the gearing ratio?

    Brompton Standard ratio.

  • 18. What is the chainring size?

    44T, making it easier to climb hills.

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The buying experience was smooth and very pleasant. Keith took time to go over pertinent details and ensure that my expectation was aligned. He gave me a chance to view both P-Line colours to facilitate my decision making. He also allowed me to check through the bike thoroughly before we proceeded with warranty verification, payment and subsequently warranty registration. Thank you! - Aiman

Great experience dealing with Keith, he’s keen with replies, comprehensive and knowledgeable. Certainly a trustworthy Brompton seller and I highly recommend buying your bike through him.

Bike is 100% authentic as verified online! He went through the registration part online with me and gave many useful tips on folding the B! Seller even let me try riding on his sample piece... Great deal! Trusted seller 👍

Excellent, prompt and efficient transaction! Seller was very professional in his presentation and explanations were clear and concise. This was a good deal indeed! Strongly recommended with thanks!

@bugzie – A Line buyer,

Goes into the details and explains properly on the purchase. Thank you! A recommended seller. Definitely will recommend others.

@alisha260202 – C Line Black Edition Flame Lacquer buyer,

Thanks Keith! For explaining and showing us how to fold/use/maintain the bike! Very friendly and knowledgeable, looking forward to getting another one from you 😁

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